Global Blu Minds is a global entity delivering and supporting sustainable solutions for business specialising in Asia.

Mission Statement:

To be a 100% sustainable business. Continual fostering of inter alliances, leveraging global interoperations resulting in a greater understanding in the world, in which we all live, coexisting in a more harmonised and sustainable existence with mother nature. Education empowers us all and instant communications enables us all to collaborate different views of thinking and ideas for the betterment of the world we all live in.

In 1992, Rio de Janeiro, at the ‘UN Conference, Environment and Development’ (UNCED) an understanding was reached that an international concerted effort needed to be made linking both social and economic development and the protection of the environment.We are consciously aware business in a global society is about leveraging today’s interconnectivity for a sustainable tomorrow.

Our key areas of focus are:


Embracing interactive multiculturalism recognises, we as individuals, are collectively comfortable with the global deep richness and depth of humanity.

Global citizens

Empowering people to be responsible for their actions. Through knowledge and common values collectively we can all make a positive difference in the global society we all live in today.

Intercultural learning

Different cultures promote different viewpoints which leads to a greater and closer understanding of the world.

Sharing of Knowledge

Recognising the exchanging of knowledge, through understanding, experience and new skills, among varying disciplines and expertise results in the betterment for all of us.

Collective thinking

“ Is the ego the source of our thoughts or are our thoughts generated elsewhere and pass through the ego” Eckhart Tolle

Sustainable minds

For everything we do consciously do in a sustainable manner benefiting us all for now and for generations to come

The Management Team:

Adam Cottrell

Managing Director

A global citizen with over 20 years in international relations specialising in Asia. Adam Cottrell has Master of International business. Working in partnership with industry business specialists and higher education institutions has  developed cultural programs for both educational and international business.

Global sustainable business is a key area of interest. As part of his master studies he wrote a review.More recently he
developed  an award winning million dollar sustainable home in Queensland, Australia. (See pictures)

Loves working across international borders and facilitating new ideas for the betterment of a more harmonised and understanding global society.